Hi and welcome to the official BimboBlarg website. Take off your coat and stay a while! I create stories, comics, and renders that surround fetishes like TG, TF, Bimbofication, and much more! If you’re into stuff like that, feel free to check out my work. If you’re curious about stuff like that, feel free to embrace your kinky side. If you’re just here to spread negativity, feel free to leave and never come back!

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“If I was a man, I would want to know what it’s like to have sex with myself. I would just want to know what it would feel like hitting it from the back.”

Kim Kardashian
About Me

Working primarily through 3D illustration, I create adult comics and narrative stories that focus on themes of erotic transformation. My main focus is bimbofication, though I also depict other forms of transformation. (All characters depicted in the works on this page are over the age of 18)


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