3D Comics

Here you will find a collection of all the comics I have made to date, all uncensored and ready for you to enjoy!

A New Sound

(Released: December 2017)

A New Sound is the story of a struggling country singer who’s brought in by her label NB Records for one last chance at kick-starting her career. From start to finish, this 18-page comic took almost two months of late-night rendering and head banging to complete. I wanted to create a comic that had its own distinct feel to it and I’m really proud with how it came out.

It contains Age Progression, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Lip Expansion, Bimbofication, Race Change, Mind Alteration, and Identity Death.

A Guiding Hand

(Released: February 2019)

A Guiding Hand is the story of a well-rounded nerd who, after getting into a fight with one of the more popular girls, is encouraged by the guidance councilor to re-examine her priorities in life. This is my second full comic to date and tops out at a total of 20 fully-rendered pages.

It contains: Mind Alteration, Plastic Surgery, Breast Expansion, Lip Expansion, Ass Expansion, and Bimbofication.

About Me

Working primarily through 3D illustration, I create adult comics and narrative stories that focus on themes of erotic transformation. My main focus is bimbofication, though I also depict other forms of transformation. (All characters depicted in the works on this page are over the age of 18)


I have a Patreon page to help offset production costs associated with creating my works and allow me to devote more time to content creation.

You can enroll and see all my new content before anyone else on my Patreon today!

(All Tiers receive the same content, the main difference is resolution and the chance to vote on Polls.)

Social Media & Other

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